Penrite Oil

Penrite Oil

Supplier of Penrite Oil products for more than 20 years.

Since 1992 Imparts is the distributor of Penrite Oil from Australia, for the Benelux.

Penrite Oil has a very wide range of oils and greases for classic cars and motorcycles.

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If we look at the development of motor oil then many properties have been improved.

The first is viscosity.

In the past there was "Light oil" and "Heavy oil".

Light (thin) is SAE 30, and Heavy (thick) is SAE 50. Also called summer and winter oil.

Later came the multigrade oil, for example 20W / 50.

Later on, the oil is assigned more tasks than just lubricating. It should keep the engine clean and the oil itself should last longer too. The oil also contributes to the cooling of the engine and must therefore withstand high temperatures.


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Today's modern synthetic motor oil is a technical masterpiece, but not necessarily the best choice for your classic.

When choosing the right oil for your classic car, you must take into account the state of the art from the period in which the engine was developed and produced. The engine of a car from the 1950s also used the oil from that period. The viscosity is especially important here.

Choose a sufficiently thick oil, at least 20W / 50 for example. Everything in the engine is geared to that. The oil pump and the seals don't know any better.

A synthetic 0W / 30 is then not the right choice.

In addition to viscosity, there are other properties, which are mainly determined by the chemical additives (dopes) in the oil. Some are so-called detergents (soap), friction reducers, anti-oxidants, anti-foam, phosphorus, zinc, etc.

In the engine of a classic, the oil pollutes much faster than in the modern engine.

This dirt must be properly filtered and disposed of.

Hence the refresh time is short. Maximum 4000 km or 1 year.

It is wise to remove the old oil before the storage period.

Modern oil could last much longer, but that pollution has to get out!

It is therefore a shame to pay € 25 per liter for a product of which all good properties are not used.

A good mineral multigrade oil is the best choice for most vintage cars.

The cleansing dopes were introduced in the early 1950s.

If your engine has never used this “baptized” oil before, the switch can sometimes have harmful consequences. The dirt that then suddenly comes loose can cause blockages in the lubrication system.

Penrite Oil also supplies “unbaptized” minerals, multigrade motor oil, for those cases.

The various chemical additives improve the properties of the oil so that it protects the engine better. An important dope is “zinc”. The zinc particles adhere to the surfaces of the moving metal parts, providing better protection against wear.

Even if there is no layer of oil for a while.

In current oils for modern cars with catalytic converters, this zinc has been removed because zinc has a very negative effect on the catalyst's delivery life.

It is therefore very important to pay close attention to this when choosing the right engine oil.

Penrite Oil supplies various mineral motor oils, in various multigrade viscosities.

There is also a break-in oil and a Heritage oil for the cars from the first 25 years of the 20th century. These are also unique, sophisticated products.

Oil for gearboxes and rear axles are less complex products, but here too it is easy to choose the wrong oil.

There are the single grade oils (SAE 90, SAE140 and SAE250) and the hypoid, mutigrade oils.

The latter contain, among other things, phosphorus and sulfur to protect the surfaces of the curved teeth (hypoid). These chemicals attack the yellow metals commonly used in the old gearboxes and rear axles for bearings and synchromesh rings.

These GL5 oils are too aggressive, so it is better to choose a GL3 or GL4 specification.

There are a number of special oils and greases from Penrite Oil, which are very suitable for a classic car or motorcycle.

For example shock absorber oil, SU carburettor oil and semi-liquid grease for steering racks.

Natural wheel bearing grease, and graphite grease for lubricating knuckles and balls.

There is actually no such thing as a bad oil, but you can make a bad choice for your beloved classic.

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